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  1. Treeincarnation® Premium Mulch
    All-organic all-wood mulch, shredded from small logs
  2. Mixed and aged mulch
    (contains chips and some other organics: twigs, leaves)
  3. Biomass woodfuel

Treeincarnation® Premium Mulch

Use our Mulch Calculator to estimate your coverage needs.

Green Waste Drop-off Location

Green Waste Recycle Yard
(the recycling division of
The Professional Tree Care Company

Yard Hours: 7:00a-4:00p, Mon-Sat
General & Mulch: (510) 527-8733
Lumber & Flooring: (510) 665-4517
Fax: (510) 549-3965

Email: info*
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Mailing Address:
PO Box 2377
Berkeley CA 94702

Eco-Lumber Products

  1. California Native Dimensional Lumber
  2. Pine & Eucalyptus Flooring
  3. Landscape retaining walls and step blocks

Click to learn more about our Recycled Wood Products.

Bluegum Eucalyptus Flooring


Unless otherwise arranged, ALL payments for materials and services are due at time of purchase. We accept cash, checks, and VISA or MasterCard.

If you plan on being a regular recycling customer and would like to set up an account, please call (510) 527-8733. Invoices due on receipt.

Custom mill orders require a 50% deposit.

Green Waste Recycling

We are your drop-off site for woody green waste, serving:

  • Tree companies
  • Landscapers
  • Construction projects
  • Municipalities
  • Park authorities
  • Transportation authorities
  • Education facilities
  • Property managers
  • Golf courses

What We Recycle

We ONLY accept woody organic waste: logs, shrub/brush, branches, log rounds and wood chips.

We DO NOT accept: dirt, grass, succulents, inorganics, trash or construction waste.

Contaminated loads will be rejected or charged additional fees.

Recycling fees (rev. 1/1/15)

Download/view our rate sheet.

Charges based on volume. We measure your vehicle cargo bed, then calculate the volume of the load.

$20 minimum per load

General/Mixed Material:
$15 per cubic yard

Chips Only (no rounds or branches):
$10 per cubic yard

Eucalyptus Logs/Rounds:
$20 per cubic yard

SAMPLE: cargo bed is 9 ft Long, 7 ft Wide, 6 ft High:

9 x 7 x 6 = 378 cubic ft
378 / 27 = 14 cubic yd load capacity

If truck is 50% full:
14 cy x 0.5 = 7 cy
7 cy x $15/cy = $105


Large stumps/rootwads/butts requiring special handling will be assessed individually: $15/cy  + ADDITIONAL labor fees to cover special handling.

Material contaminated with metal, concrete, rock, or otherwise requiring extra handling may be rejected.

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